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CLAS:H Office

Maison Map Building 4th Floor
Jl. Melawai IX no 4-5 Jakarta Selatan 12160

CLAS:H Producer

Mrs. Emi Takeya


CLAS:H (Cosplay Live Action Show Hybrid)
is a sub event of a Japanese festival Ennichisai. (

CLAS:H is a cosplay oriented event and media, spreading the topic to the young generation of J pop subculture art in general.

CLAS:H is famously known for holding the Indonesian national cosplay competition with strict international standard rules.  Competition has been held yearly since 2011.

CLAS:H is also associated with World Cosplay Summit (WCS), the world cosplay performance competition since 2012, organizing the preliminary competition for WCS in Indonesia named Indonesia Cosplay Grand Prix (ICGP). ICGP has been successful in supporting Indonesian cosplayers to achieve high rank scores in the competition multiple times.

Since 2011 up to 2018, CLAS:H has held it's own annual J Pop culture event in multiple cities such as, Medan (Sumatra), Bandung (East Java), Yogyakarta (Central Java), Surabaya (East Java).  The final stage taking place in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, as CLAS:H Stage in Ennichisai.

CLAS:H 2019

CLAS:H will take a new form in 2019. CLAS:H organized events in regional cities will no longer be held.  However, ICGP competitions will be held in various cities organized by local J Pop themed events. The mission for this new form of cooperating with local events is to spread further the chances for cosplayers in other regions throughout Indonesia to be able to take part in the worldwide community of cosplay.


CLAS:H is the event organizer for Ennichisai, and will present the Pop Culture Stage of Ennichisai 2019 as CLAS:H stage. CLAS:H stage will be introducing a wide range of J Pop Culture performing arts including the final competition for ICGP.

CLAS:H Vision
To support the creativity of young generation of Indonesia, through various pop culture activities.


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